Random Acts of Kindness Ambassador on LinkedIn: since early December 2018

The focus is promoting kindness and gratitude on LinkedIn and making the world one by one a kinder place.

Cyber Parental Guardians on LinkedIn: since Mid-December 2018.

Raising awareness regarding youth and the Digital World, potential consequences, and how to create change with regards to bullying and cyberbullying. Many youth are affected by both bullying and cyberbullying and lack the resources, the willingness to report it, and feel alone. For some youth it has led them to make a choice that is permanent and affects more than themeselves; it affect family, friends, educational staff, and community members; suicide.


Global Goodwill Ambassadors- Humanitarian Category for Canada: 

I was nominated on January 15, 2019 to be part of  Global Goodwill Ambassadors representing Canada on LinkedIn. The focus is volunteer and humanitarian work.



Marigolds on Social Media: 

This will focus on loss and grief. The official launch coincided with Social Work month  which is March. End of March/early April will be the official seed planting of marigolds. I hope many will plant marigold seeds with me and then either give the plants to others or plant them in their own flower garden.

The Marigold-sometimes the biggest message comes from the smallest and most common of garden flowers. They are an important part of any garden as a pest deterrent and they are hardy plants. Though, the Marigold has nobler & majestic meanings- despair and grief over the loss of love and the beauty and warmth of the rising sun which can assist in moments of bereavement.

The flowers can be grown as memorials for lost loved ones. Remembering and memories are so important.

Loss and grief will affect us all at some point in our lives if they have not already. Death is difficult, not something many want to think about, many try to avoid, BUT it is part of the cycle of life. In order for someone or something to be born-it must die.

Awareness campaigns, providing information on grief, loss, death and dying; and getting conversations flowing to make the topics more natural and mainstream, instead of being discussed in harsh tones or not at all, are the focus. Stay tuned! If interested in being a Marigold Ambassador, please contact me at: www.mswwrites.vbrewster@gmail.com

The Lifeline Canada Foundation:

In late February of this year I sent an interested request to this foundation to assist as a volunteer. Social Media is my area at the moment on both LinkedIn and Facebook to provide guidance and assistance.

The foundation does many awesome things and offers many programs you should take a look at from Companion Paws to The LifeLine App, resources, articles, mental health, suicide and more across Canada.