The journey continues as Julie and I are currently writing book 2 in the Journey’s End series, Journey’s End: Cultural, Ethnic, and Religious Perspectives on Death and Dying. We are a year into the process with another 6-9 months to go, and it is exciting!

This book will highlight cultures, ethnicities, and religions, and their responses or reactions to death, dying, and end of life. We will look at burial customs, mourning rituals, discussions about death and dying, and whether the subject of death is taboo or not.

Is end-of-life planning encouraged, allowed, or even discussed? Are physicians, nurses, and social workers encouraging discussions, or do they shy away from the subject? Is it left to the dying persons themselves to bring up these topics or to the families or friends of the terminally ill and palliative patients?

Is it expected that ministers, chaplains, rabbis, spiritual advisors, or shamans will bring up the topic? Who prompts the discussion of death and dying?

We are doing our utmost to include a broad variety of cultures, ethnicities, and religions.

We are still seeking contributors for book 2. Contact us if interested!

Aiming for a Fall/Autumn 2019 publication…