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Death, dying, end of life, and bereavement which includes grief, mourning and support-not exactly the subjects most want to talk about, bring up or plan for, BUT guess what? In order to be born, we will all die one day. Most of us do not know when, so I would suggest making the best of this life until it’s over!

If you do happen to know approximately when you are going to die because you are palliative, diagnosed with a chronic health condition or perhaps even more than one—you should be prepared.

  • Writing of a Will
  • Funeral arrangements which includes, but are not limited to: coffin, funeral, burial, cremation, viewing, shiva, the gathering after the funeral.
  • Celebration of Life celebration before you die which can include videos, letters, a party-whatever you see that being.
  • If still alive and doing well- power of attorney, mandate, will, burial arrangements.
  • If you are the one left behind after a loved one has died whether human or pet-grief support and direction to help decide what now?

There are other things to consider if all is well and that is; have you thought about what you want if you die?

Have you thought about what you want if you are ill?

What if you are diagnosed as palliative?

Do you have life insurance?

A will?

Are you an organ donor?

Who do you want to have your multitude of belongings?

Have you thought about your funeral or celebration of life ceremony?

A lot to think about…

Contact me if interested in discussing any of the above, need a referral, resource(s), a speaker for an event, book club facilitation, conference or gathering.

Prices are not set in stone which is why I am not listing them here-let’s have a conversation…

I am very much a believer in pay it forward and win-win so I am open to negotiation regarding prices. or 514-891-0725

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