The Upbringing that Encircles Me: a Memoir

Did you realize that your upbringing, your life choices, and various events mold you into the person you become later in life?

Chapter Excerpt:

I want to do speaking events, conferences,and discussion groups about death and dying along with assisting others with writing and editing…..and I know I can do it. Again, I have made a clear decision in my head that 2018 is THE year, plus I have had very vivid dreams of my business.

I love to mentor, help others, pay it forward, and believe this is as the world should be. I ask that you all do the same. The world is as you view it. Terrible events occur, there is definitely greediness and selfishness, but there are also kindness, love, and amazing people who want to help and expect nothing in return except ask that you help another...

I want to make a difference. I want love and to enjoy my work and non-work time. I want balance in my life and I strive for it daily. Important life lessons… What do you strive for? Do you have balance?



About the Book

The book, The Upbringing that Encircles Me: a Memoir

A brief description as to why I wrote this book:

I wrote the book as part of my own healing process. I had unresolved things in my life that were affecting me, and for me writing is my creative outlet so I just wrote…….Pouring out your feelings, grief, loss, and traumatic events frees your mind of it! I wrote it over a month, editing it numerous times with some help from two work colleagues who gave me great advice to tone down some parts and beef up other sections.

What was most important to me, my kids are underage so nothing identifiable-meaning if you do not know me personally- you do not know who the people in the book are, and going forward would my kids be okay with what was written within? So, nothing bad, no anger, a learning opportunity, and lessons to be shared are my goals with the book.

The book cover photo is mine taken up north of Montreal-on my mini-honeymoon weekend, the week before I fell on my stairs actually.

The eBook will be live on Amazon within 72 hours of this description (December 10, 2018.)

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