The Digital World and Youth: Consequences and Response Needed

Youth today are overwhelmed by social media and the digital world, and unprepared for it in many ways. Cyber-bullying, bullying in person, social media issues, and more will be mentioned...

The Digital World, Youth, Consequences & Response. Youth today are overwhelmed by social media and the digital world, and unprepared for it in many ways. Many youth become anxious, depressed, some have contemplated or committed suicide due to cyber-bullying, bullying in person, social media issues, and more. Issues regarding mental health will be included along with resources and training information, workshop, and referral information.

  • Youth today have so much to look forward to, but need the proper guidance from educational systems, communities, and their families regarding the proper use of social media and need to be shown what not to do and what to do.
  • Professionals from around the world will be contributing chapters to this book regarding bullying, mental health issues, suicide, concerned parents, and more...
About the Book

Teaching youth to use electronic devices is our job as parents or guardians. We also need to model the appropriate use of all. The list is long;  smartphones to tablets, iPads, laptops, desktop computers, and more.

I regularly have ‘unplugged’ time.  This means no electronics and I read, go for a walk, spend time with friends and family or cook a nice home cooked meal.

I attended a workshop at my child’s school and it was a mix of parents with kids as young as kindergarten age to high school with an elementary age child as well. Most of the kids had access to electronics. Some very much limited screen time and others very few limits at all. Some parents were aware of what their kids were doing online and others were a bit clueless.

Schools and many academic institutions and environments are ill-prepared when it comes to the digital world. Some educational environments ban cell phones from being used during class time, others allow it for use if related to research needed for the class.

Some schools will confiscate the phone. Others will keep it until the parent comes to pick it up or the youth can get it back at the end of the day.

Many parents are ill-prepared to teach their children about electronics and cell phone use as they have no boundaries themselves.

We have to start somewhere…


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