Book Reviews:

I have six years of experience in writing book reviews. I have written for Ottiti here in Montreal, online at Social Justice Solutions,  iRead Book Tours here in Montreal (where I still do book reviews), and at my own blog site:

I continue to write book reviews here at MSW Writes, but with a professional slant. I love reading, learning, and writing.

I do not believe in charging for a book review-seems wrong to me. In return, I ask for a free copy of your book either an eBook, PDF or soft cover. Preferably, a soft cover as I still love the feel of a real book in my hand!

I have yet to write a negative review and if it is not a genre that interests me, I will let you know.

Contact me if interested:– click here to see some of my book reviews, articles, interviews, and upcoming books.

Editing Service:

As much as I wish I could do this for free; I have to eat right? Pay for electricity, and internet so I can have this website….  🙂

Professional editing .10 cents a word or flat project price. Flat project price involves a discussion…

Assistance with Self-Publishing & Writing Coach:

Contact me for price as it depends on how much assistance you need.

  • Proofreading and/or Editing
  • Ghost Writing
  • Self-publishing to Amazon as an eBook
  • Book Cover Creation using Canva or Amazon Book Cover Creator Program
  • Coaching about the writing process and self-publishing
  • Or, all of the above…

My Experience:

  • I co-edited and co-authored Journey’s End: Death, Dying and the End of Life with Julie Saeger Nierenberg. It is 558 pages in length and was published with Xlibris in July of 2017. We are publishing a 2nd edition of this book and dividing it into 2 as the book is quite long. Summer 2019.
  • I am co-authoring and co-editing book 2 of the Journey’s End series, we are aiming for an Autumn 2019 publication and will be self-publishing it ourselves on Amazon. The focus will be religion, culture, and ethnicity as they relate to the topics of death, dying, grief, and loss.
  • I also self-published my first solo book on Amazon as an eBook version on December 10, 2018, The Upbringing that Encircles Me: A Memoir
  • Currently, writing my next collaborative book on the topic of: The Digital World, Youth, Consequences & Response. Youth today are overwhelmed by social media and the digital world, and unprepared for it in many ways. Many youth become anxious, depressed, some have contemplated or committed suicide due to cyber-bullying, bullying in person, social media issues, and more. Issues regarding mental health will be included along with resources and training, workshop and referral information. Youth today have so much to look forward to, but need the proper guidance from educational systems, communities, and their families regarding the proper use of social media and need to be shown what NOT to do and what to do.