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Top to Bottom: Victoria Brewster & Julie Saeger Nierenberg


Victoria has a Master of Social Work degree from the University at Albany. She has worked as a case manager and group facilitator for the past 18 years at a local non-profit Jewish community agency/centre. Before that she worked as an Intensive Case Manager with adults with diagnosed mental health issues in Burlington, Vermont, and as a certified therapist with children and families at an agency in Plattsburgh, New York. She has an End of Life Specialist Certification from Doing Death Differently, and is part of an End of Life Doula Network. Her goals are to raise awareness, educate, train, and get discussions flowing on the topics of death, dying, end of life, bereavement and more with both professionals and lay-people.

She has an idea to see Food for Thought Discussion Groups which are similar to Death Cafés, EXCEPT, the facilitator can have an agenda, guest speakers, show movies, include book clubs, and offer support as needed. The groups can also be geared to different age groups including youth and teenagers.

Victoria met Julie though LinkedIn and offered to write a book review of her book: Daddy this is it, Being-with my Dying Dad, March, 2013. This began a beautiful partnership which led to their first book, Journey’s End: Death, Dying, and the End of Life, Xlibris – July 2017. This anthology has 54 contributors in total, two of which are Victoria and Julie. Both reached out to a multitude of professionals and lay-people to make their book all-encompassing.

Death, dying, and end of life are covered from multiple perspectives and includes: death of spouse, partner, parents, grand-parents, children, other family relationships, pets, miscarriage, abortion, clients, patients and more. Legal aspects are discussed, checklist provided to plan (mandate, writing a will, power of attorney), information on assisted dying and euthanasia around the world, resources which cover grief and bereavement. Information on professional training; death midwifery and death doulas and more.

Their goal is for Journey’s End to serve as a tool for death and dying education, professional training, and grief and bereavement support. Ideal for anyone who will experience death and dying, the book’s intended readership includes, whether now or in the future, everyone.

Victoria and Julie are currently writing book 2 as they call it: Journey’s End: Cultural, Ethnic, and Religious Perspectives on Death and Dying. This book will be a continuation of book 1 and include mourning customs, burial traditions, described from cultural, ethnic, and religious perspectives common traditions; is death discussed or planned for? Is grief and bereavement encouraged?  And more… Summer 2019 publication planned.

Contact Victoria at: if interested in being a part of a Food for Thought Discussion Group, a Book Club Discussion group or if you are interested in training, consultation or speaking engagements as it relates to the topics of death, dying, end of life, bereavement, or grief.

As  being divorced, newly remarried, co-parenting with the ex-she can also speak on topics as they relate to co-parenting, divorce process, and blended family.

Due to a fall UP her stairs on October 12, 2018, She is recovering from a concussion and frozen shoulder. She is being treated by a physiotherapist, osteopath (experience with concussions), massage therapy, naturopath, and regular visit with her family doctor.

You can view her articles, blog posts, and information about Journey’s End: Death, Dying, and the End of Life and the upcoming book of Journey’s End: Cultural, Ethnic, and Religious Perspectives on Death and Dying at:– click here to see some of my book reviews, articles, interviews and upcoming books.

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