Journey’s End: Death, Dying, and the End of Life was the recipient of the 2018 Gold Medal eLit Book Award for the category of Aging/Death and Dying.



February 2013-

“Action for Safety is being sought in response to the February 9, 2013 W5 documentary, Crisis in Care, reported by Sandi Rinaldo and the CTV team of investigators. This investigation uncovered horrific statistics and stories of abuse taking place in Long Term Care facilities in Canada.

December 2013-

Social workers, by their very nature are nurturing, caring, helpful, want to make a difference, and often put others before themselves. If one wants to still be in the profession in 5, 10, 25, or 30 years, practicing and implementing self-care is a must.

January 2014-

Death, dying, and end-of-life issues are not easy topics to raise or discuss, and there will be many who are in favor and just as many not in favor of one choosing to end his or her life. I usually think in terms of, “What would I want?” It is difficult to know what I would want in the future, but this is an issue that needs to be explored. Like wills or mandates, it is a topic to be discussed with our clients.

September 2014-

Assisted Dying is a topic one sees all over social media, blog posts, and in the news; although other terms used are assisted suicide, euthanasia, dying with dignity or dying in dignity.

The topic is controversial, but it gets people talking……

January 2015-

In Journey’s End Julie and I write about death, dying, and end-of-life issues. We attempt to define and describe these real-life circumstances. We discuss ways to deal with them proactively and view them from multiple perspectives: personal, professional, and societal.

Spring 2016-

The Controversy that Surrounds Assisted Dying and Why?

Honorable Mention for Social Work Category:

May 2014-

Case In Point Platinum Awards, a unique awards program that recognizes the most successful and innovative case management programs working to improve healthcare across the care continuum.


December 2014- December 2015

Contributing Writer/Chronique for OTTITI, a local Montreal organization that is primarily aimed at policy makers, professionals, and employees in the area of accommodation service. The mission is to facilitate the most current knowledge in hospitality and services by sharing expertise and experience to foster improvement in the quality of services.

Fall 2014-

Book in progress- Journey’s End: Publication planned for Fall 2016

A book on death, dying, and end of life-take a look!

March 2015

‘The Death Chicks’- And Speaking of Death, What is the Value of Sharing Our Stories?

Publications Continued:

The Controversy that Surrounds Assisted Dying and Why? – May 2016

June 2017-