Are You Rich?

This comes up quite often in conversations, online and more… are you wealthy?

Depends on your definition of wealthy and how one measures it.

For me wealth is not about money; chasing the money trail often leads to stress, unhappiness, comparisons, and more.

Wealth is a mindset. I see wealth or richness as having the basics plus a bit more.

I have a wonderful, loving, generous, and supportive husband; great kids; a roof over my head; clothes on my back; food on my table; a car to drive; a job and education I worked hard for. I have amazing friends and colleagues and continue to build a caring, supportive, giving network.

What more can I possibly NEED?

Do I own a house or drive a BMW? No, but I rent a great upper duplex near a park and my kids schools, near many public bus routes, stores and more. I have a good landlord. My car is a Ford, but I love it in the fun colour I chose- it expresses my personality. Plus, it has AWD for Montreal winters.

So, wealth is a state of mind.

What brings you happiness and wealth?


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