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I come across articles, posts, and more about loss, grief, death, and dying. I know what I want and do not want, and while my husband does not agree; if I put it in writing, he has to follow it. My kids are aware as well. I have verbalized to all my wishes and hopes.

I work with older adults and so I have dealt with a lot of death and loss over the years…

I do not want a traditional funeral, shiva or remembrance.

I want to be either cremated or have a green funeral. I want to be buried in a conservation burial ground that allows for burial with nature, trees, flowers, walking paths and combines all. Nature, I absolutely love and through my life have been drawn to taking photos of trees, foliage, flowers, stunning scenery. In Canada we have a Natural Burial Association.

What is a natural burial? “A natural burial is the act of returning a body as naturally as possible to the earth. To achieve this, we recommend that the body not be embalmed or cremated, but instead buried in a simple casket or shroud, in a protected green space. Making the choice for natural burial means you are choosing a low impact burial. It is a choice that reduces energy and resource consumption, and one that is less toxic.  In addition it ensures the land cannot be used for any other purpose therefore protecting these wild spaces from becoming a subdivision or quarry.”

I do not want my husband or kids spending 10 thousand dollars to cremate me or bury me. The money can be better spent elsewhere. No casket, but a shroud as is used in Israel for burials.

Part of my wishes and hopes is to have a celebration of life ceremony before I go should I know I am critically ill or close to death. I want to share memories, jokes, happy thoughts, and quotes. I want to tell my family and close friends I love them.

This video I created is an example of something I would want shown at my ‘Celebration of Life Ceremony’ and shiva. A montage of photos taken throughout my life. I am skipping many years as I NEVER post photos of my kids online. They are a huge part of my life, but until they are 18 their photos stay off of social media & the online community from me at least. I cannot control what others share.

Have you given any thought as to what you want? Did you pre-pay and purchase a burial plot? Funeral? Have you stated your wishes verbally and/or in writing? Written is best and in Quebec anyway-a will should be written up by a notary. Elsewhere I imagine a lawyer is good although there are various types of wills.

Is this the farthest thing from your mind?

You never know what could happen.

My accident last fall-never planned for or even imagined could happen, but it put me out of work for 5 months of recovery. Lots of time to heal and think…

A Beautiful Life video showcasing yours truly!


One thought on “Remembrance Video…

  1. rginsberg2 says:

    Cool video, Vikki thru the years of living…
    Agree that wishes are important to state. I just worry that the survivors should be onboard , too. In all likelihood, they are the ones who will finally make wishes come true, and they will need to live with the aftermath. Good to start discussions early, just as you are doing, Vikki!! It’s important. Keep talking!

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