Grow Marigolds Campaign…

The weekend of April 13th and 14th is the official Grow Marigolds Campaign! I hope many will join me!

This ‘initiative’ for Marigolds is to raise awareness about the topics of loss and grief. It is also to remember those loved ones that are no longer here in person. BUT, their memories live on in our hearts and minds.

Many, if not all of us, have been affected by loss and grief. Whether a favorite pet, a family member, friend, neighbor, colleague, suicide, someone is missing or an individual left us in some form as in broken friendship, it is still a loss.


Sometimes the biggest message comes from the smallest and most common of garden flowers. They are an important part of any garden as a pest deterrent and they are hardy plants. Though, the Marigold has nobler & majestic meanings- despair and grief over the loss of love and the beauty and warmth of the rising sun which can assist in moments of bereavement.

The flowers can be grown as memorials for lost loved ones. Remembering and memories are so important.

I will be planting here in my home in Montreal on Saturday, April 13th and a few local individuals want to join me as well.

I would love to see short videos or photos to add to THE virtual Marigold Garden! Please email them to me at:

Grow Marigolds Campaign…





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