Inspiration and Creativity

We have to find ways to inspire ourselves and get the creativity flowing…nature does this for me. I am not sure about you. We each must find what gets our creativity flowing. Everywhere I go, I like to take walks and snap photos.

Sitting in a sunroom with a view of a pond, ducks, beautiful flowers, the sound of birds in the trees, the sun shining, and a beautiful blue sky is very inspirational to me!

The past few months have been a difficult Montreal winter in many ways. The weather has been harsh with snow, ice galore, cold days, little sun, and 4.5 months of recovery.

I fell UP my stairs in my home in October and injured my left shoulder (the joint is locked) and suffered a pretty bad concussion. Only in the last 2 weeks have I begun to really feel more like myself.

I can finally wind down my physiotherapy, my osteopath, and medical appointments and focus on continued healing and recovery and what better way to do this than in a warmer region than Montreal!

I am in South Carolina after an 18 hour drive (Okay I only drove 2 of them, my hubby the rest) and on day 2 of warmer weather, sunshine (with sunglasses), no winter garb, nature, and a change of scenery to get the creativity and inspiration flowing!

I look forward to further inspiration today on my walk around historic Charleston, a city rich in American history.

Did you know Charleston was initially named Charles Town? That Blackbeard the Pirate sailed into Charles Town Harbour in 1718? That in 1736, Dock Street Theatre opened and it was the first colonial building in America to be used exclusively for theatrical performances? Charles Town became Charleston in 1783. Young army recruit Edgar Allan Poe was stationed at Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island just outside of Charleston? The Confederate troops fired their first shots of the Civil War upon Fort Sumter in 1861?

I plan to do many of the 12 free or low cost ways to enjoy Charleston and its sights. There is Riverfront Park, the historic city hall, Market Street, the tea garden and we will throw in a few not so low-cost activities like visiting Patriot’s Point, the plantation tour, eat some amazing seafood, enjoy the local coffee shops and more!

Stay tuned for creativity and inspiration!


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