The Official Launch of Marigolds on Social Media!

Guess what day it is?

Did you guess Friday, March 1st?

If so, it is the official launch of Marigolds on Social Media!

March 1st also begins Social Work month and as a professional who has a Master’s degree in Social Work-the month is important to me!

So, what is Marigolds on Social Media?

It is an online initiative to raise awareness about a topic most want to ignore; grief & loss. I believe I am correct in stating almost every person has been affected in some way by grief & loss whether directly or indirectly.

Loss has many definitions: loss of a job, financial loss, divorce, relocation, loss of a friendship, or the one I most associate with loss-death.

Grief is a deep sorrow as a reaction to an event or someone’s death.


  • “Grief is the normal and natural emotional reaction to loss or change of any kind.”
  • “Grief is the conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior.”
  • “Grief is the feeling of reaching out for someone who’s always been there, only to discover when I need her [or him] one more time, she’s no longer there.”

In researching flowers, plants, and herbs; sometimes the biggest message comes from the smallest and most common of garden flowers. They are an important part of any garden as a pest deterrent and they are hardy plants.

Though, the Marigold has nobler & majestic meanings- despair and grief over the loss of love and the beauty and warmth of the rising sun which can assist in moments of bereavement.

The flowers can be grown as memorials for loved ones or a loss of another kind. Remembering and memories are so important.

If you are like me and have been affected by loss-whether one or many, it means you want to raise awareness of loss and grief. You want to provide resources, information, share articles, get conversations flowing, prepare for, think about, assist others with loss and grief or the preparation/thinking about the unspeakable-death, dying, and end of life.

Crisis is not the time to plan for or think about your loved ones wishes nor is it the time you want family or friends to have to figure out what YOU want.

Part of Marigolds on Social Media will be virtual certificates recognizing Marigold Ambassadors, individuals that have been affected by grief and loss in some way who want to continue to raise awareness of and/or share resource information for the topic.

I have 5 being recognized today-the official launch day with more to follow.

In recognition of:

Julie Saeger Nierenberg

Rea Ginsberg

MS. Bird

Gary Payne

Alicia Nicole ‘Waters’



Image free to use from Pixabay: Dew Drop




One thought on “The Official Launch of Marigolds on Social Media!

  1. rginsberg2 says:

    Thank you, Vikki! I consider this to be a high compliment. I will do my level best to honor it with my own work on bereavement. Raising awareness is always necessary in this field because all of us are, to some extent, fearful and inclined to practice denial. If only we could recognize that thoughts of dying are our best way to appreciate living……!!

    Along with Kubler-Ross, I would say, “It’s only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth – and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up – that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had.”

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