Who Wants to Grow a Garden With Me?

Spring is almost here and it is the time to start thinking about which seeds to buy and when to start growing plantlings.

I am planning a container vegetable garden this year, but I also am planning on a floral container garden as well. I do not have a backyard as I live in an upper duplex, so it is container or wall gardening.

I am thinking herbs, cucumbers, tomatoes, maybe red peppers and for the flowers my main two will be daisies and marigolds. Why daisies and marigolds? Because of the two initiatives/social media campaigns I am part of to raise awareness of bullying, cyberbullying, grief, and loss.

Cyber Parental Guardians focuses on bullying and cyberbullying with youth. The seed planting campaign that ties in with this are daisies. Daisies represent innocence and will be planted to remember those youth that chose suicide to get away from the bullying.

Daisies have 5 main varieties Shasta, Gerber, Purple Coneflower, Gloriosa, and the Marguirite. CPG is using the Shasta Daisy as it is white.

Marigolds has to do with my Marigolds on Social Media campaign. Marigolds are a very common flower that are hardy, grown in many different soils and require a lot of sunlight. There are many varieties to choose from. Marigolds represent bereavement and mourning and would be planted to remember those that are no longer with us; general loss and death.

So, who wants to grow a cyber garden with me? If you plant seeds and grow a flower garden of daisies and/or marigolds, please send me your photos!

A cyber garden? Yes. Daisies and Marigolds have special meaning for me and a special place in my heart.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing who will grow a garden with me!



2 thoughts on “Who Wants to Grow a Garden With Me?

  1. rginsberg2 says:

    Lovely idea! Should be done by everyone, to whatever extent desired or possible. Container garden! Even a couple of old soup cans would do it. NICE!! Daisies and marigolds…YES.

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