Want to be a Marigold Ambassador?

Social media for the most part has been an extremely positive experience for me. I love the connection with colleagues from around the world, the sharing of information, resources, articles, campaigns to raise awareness, and more.

Since December of 2018, my experience has been even more meaningful. Why you might ask?

I became an Ambassador for Random Acts of Kindness, #randomact on LinkedIn and the focus is kindness and to me the world needs more of this. We share posts, raise awareness about the benefits of being kind, display gratitude, and more.

I became volunteer staff with Cyber Parental Guardians which is comprised of professionals and the focus is youth, bullying & cyberbullying. Our goal is to raise awareness of the topic, share resources and referral information with a hope of reducing suicide ideation and attempts with pre-teens/tweens.

I was nominated for and became a Global Goodwill Ambassador representing Canada as a Humanitarian. (See below my campaign to begin in March 2019). Thank you MS Bird and Gary Payne!

Marigolds on Social Media:

My initiative will focus on loss and grief with a launch set for Social Work month, which is March; Marigolds on Social Media. Sometimes the biggest message comes from the smallest and most common of garden flowers. They are an important part of any garden as a pest deterrent and they are hardy plants. Though, the Marigold has nobler & majestic meanings- despair and grief over the loss of love and the beauty and warmth of the rising sun which can assist in moments of bereavement.

The flowers can be grown as memorials for lost loved ones. Remembering and memories are so important.

Loss and grief will affect us all at some point in our lives if they have not already. Death is difficult, not something many want to think about, many try to avoid, BUT it is part of the cycle of life. In order for someone or something to be born-it must die.

Interested in being a Marigold Ambassador? If yes, it means you like me want to raise awareness of loss and grief. You want to provide resources, information, share articles, get conversations flowing, prepare for, think about, assist others with preparation or thinking about the unspeakable-death, dying, and end of life.

Crisis is not the time to plan for or think about your loved ones wishes nor is it the time you want family or friends to have to figure out what YOU want.

Stay tuned for the official launch on March 1st! And for the official planting of Marigold seeds towards mid-to late March!




One thought on “Want to be a Marigold Ambassador?

  1. rginsberg2 says:

    You are staying very busy with initiatives that matter. Important groups. All very necessary. Your leave of absence is paying off, perhaps in unexpected ways. Good!!

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