Book Excerpt #3- The Upbringing that Encircles Me

My memoir: The Upbringing that Encircles Me is about my life from teenage years to present. A lot has happened in those years. Many wonderful things, but many challenges as well from moving to a new country to changing religions, marriage, kids, miscarriages, separation and eventually divorce, co-parenting, dating, 2nd marriage, health issues, and more.

I wrote the book in August and September of 2018, and published the eBook in December of 2018. I have shared 2 excerpts already: Excerpt 1 and Excerpt 2.

Book Excerpt 3:

…A few months later, my husband, our daughter, and I flew to Florida so I could say goodbye to my grandmother. She was palliative and in hospice. I can say the ending she had is not at all what I want for myself, to lie in a hospital bed in hospice suffering in pain. While she could not verbalize it with words, she did with moans and other sounds and they seemed sparing with the morphine. Hospice in Florida in 2004, was very different than it is now. She died after we returned to Canada.

At her funeral, which was in New York state, as she wanted to be buried next to her husband; shared plot, I was supposed to read a poem. I choose one, but the day of, I could not do it. I was devastated by her death and grief enveloped me. My brother ended up reading the poem. I am grateful to him for that.

I still think of her and treasure the memories I have of her.

I have this wonderful picture of four generations of women/girls together; my grandmother, my mom, my daughter, and myself. It is hanging on my wall. My daughter who is a teenager now was eleven months old in the photo.

Fast forward and daughter number two arrived after two miscarriages which devastated and challenged me. My husband and I agreed no special measures. We had one child already so we knew it could happen. I did go to my doctor and meet with a specialist who looked at certain blood disorders only because high blood pressure, strokes, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease ran on my side of the family. All was good.

I decided to focus on me. I slept more, rested more, went for daily walks, ate healthier, and daughter number two arrived in 2006…

Book Reviews:

“I was completely captivated from the first page to the last. This was one of the best stories that I had ever read. It felt like I was watching a movie that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. Each chapter made me feel extremely connected to the author’s journey and I could feel her passion for wanting to share this publication with the world. This was such a well-written masterpiece that was easy to read, perfect in length, and provided just the right balance of depth and details. This is a book that I will read over and over and would highly recommend it to others.”

~Alicia Nicole “WATERS”

“Each chapter corresponds to different stages in the life of the author, and as such, they overlap sometimes, although by no means being repetitive to the reader.
Even when the book is not a self-help one, you may use the many teachings the author has encountered in her journey, and that she brilliantly shares with us.
An easy-reading book, with sad tones at times, nostalgic ones at other times, but always deliciously optimistic, which you’ll want to read in one sitting.”

– Leonardo Tomas Cardillo

“The original, unconventional style of writing, in a raw and very open manner, is exactly why one should purchase this book. The writer takes the reader from some very dear memories of teenage years to the hardships life has thrown at her. She clearly voices her mind about standing against discrimination, as well as about her marital challenges and the struggles of raising her children. She is in a shared custody arrangement with their father.
The present memoir of the author covers a plethora of subjects many of us witness, on a daily basis, yet few of us find a voice to speak about, due to the stigma society places on our shoulders. Main subjects: converting from a religion to another, creating intercultural families, co-parenting with an ex-spouse, miscarriages, and many more.”

– Andrada Anitei


The eBook can be found on Amazon and the soft cover version will be out soon. Unfortunately, I had to unpublish it due to formatting issues.

Always looking for feedback and open to discussions and answering any questions.


2 thoughts on “Book Excerpt #3- The Upbringing that Encircles Me

    1. mswwrites says:

      Thank you Rea…illness and death are part of life whether we want them to be or not. My grandmother was a special woman in my life and her passing left a hole in my heart.
      The miscarriages were also harsh, but I know the alternative-nature allows them for many reasons as I know others who have given birth to stillborns, had miscarriages in month 5 or had an infant die very young because of health conditions.
      I try to be positive as much as possible and focus on the good of things.

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