CPG? What is This?

CPG-Cyber Parental Guardians is a group of professionals who have come together on LinkedIn for a common cause, a common interest; educating parents and helping bring awareness to them and their children on some tough issues.

Our goal and mission has to do with youth, digital world, mental health issues, bullying, cyberbullying, and suicide. The number of youth who are bullied & cyberbullied is huge!

As a parent, I am well aware of the benefits to screen time and the drawbacks as well. Smartphones, tablets and iPads, laptops, computers, gaming devices, and more. If used correctly, internet and electronic devices can broaden ones world. I myself have met some amazing professionals and individuals from around the world. I would not be a part of the CPG initiative and group if it was not for internet, my electronic devices, and social media.

We are in Canada, USA, Croatia, India, Africa, with more to come I am sure. We all have a common goal: to teach youth, parents, educational systems, and communities the correct way to utilize social media and the digital world. We want to reduce bullying and cyberbullying, see those that need support for any issue(s) get it, and to reduce the number of suicidal attempts and suicides every year.

I personally know what cyberbullying is as I have been a ‘victim’ of it being both harassed and stalked on LinkedIn and Facebook. Not fun. I spent hours going through each and every connection, deleting some, checking for mutual connections, and more. Turns out the person who was doing it, I was connected to and I believe I still am, but the behavior has stopped. Plus, I cannot definitively prove it.

I knew what to do. Youth do not. Parents might not.

Since I brought up the parent word, I have a question. Do you know what your kids are doing online? Do you know what apps they are using? Who their friends are? Do you check-in with your child or children and their social media use? Do you limit it? Give them free reign?

Remember as the parent: you pay for the internet, the electronic devices…you have the right to know all of the above. Passwords, log-in information, and more. Of course, if there are open lines of communication, along with regularly scheduled ‘unplugged’ time as I call it-hopefully you will never have to check their devices.

Thoughts? Ideas? What one thing can you do today about the topic of bullying and cyberbullying?

Oh, and CPG is a group of professionals volunteering their time and efforts.



2 thoughts on “CPG? What is This?

  1. rginsberg2 says:

    CPG! Never heard of it before. Sounds like a good group with a worthy subject! — And yes, cyber bullying and stalking are terrible troubles when they hit you. It’s hard to imagine…till you yourself become the subject! As much as possible, we want to save our children from this brash, offensive experience.

    1. mswwrites says:

      Yes Rea-no child, tween or teen deserves to be bullied by another student, friend, and even times educational staff.
      As for online harassment I went through it and it is not fun at all. I know others who have been harassed and usually women. Men are stalked online and harassed, but lesser than women.
      CPG is a new group that I am part of. We formed a month ago and are hard at work on generating content, coming together as a group. A GGA-Global Goodwill Ambassador from the states is the creator of the group.

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