Post Concussion Syndrome is No Joke…

As one who is still recovering from a concussion from October 12th, 2018 and a frozen/locked left shoulder joint-having one or the other is enough, but both together is overwhelming at times.

One day you feel great and think okay, ‘on the road to mending’ and the next day you go back ten steps…today is one of those days. I slept 6 hours in bed, but awakened 3 times during the night so it is not a restful sleep. Almost like having  a newborn again. I do not miss those days…

Three months of not sleeping well catches up with you at some point and while I know insomnia or disrupted sleep cycles are normal with a concussion, add in neck pain and shoulder pain, and well….your sleep is even worse.

I just saw my osteopath who had to unlock the C1 neck vertebrae a second time as it locked 2 days after she unlocked it the first time. I could not move my head for a few days and then just dealt with discomfort after.

I am doing all the right things resting, stretching, exercises for the neck and shoulder, heat packs, limited screen time, and still ambient light setting. I expose myself to sun and light as much as I am able and I used to LOVE the sun and now—I hope for cloudy winter days as the sun hurts both my head and eyes.

Screens of any kind meaning laptop, iPad or phone for me are in spurts and limited time. TV is out! No ambient control setting there. Lighting in the house is still reduced and my husband thinks I am becoming a vampire as I prefer a dark room. 🤭

The hardest thing is to try to explain what is happening to me on the inside. I look ‘normal’ on the outside, but I do not feel that way. My head hurts or aches often. Bright lights hurt both my head and eyes and if I overexpose myself I will develop a headache. It is instinctual to seek a darker place…OR I need to wear sunglasses.

Too much noise hurts my head. Certain sounds hurt my head. Crowds are out, and I already discussed the lack of sleep. I need quiet time more than ever or I put on soothing sounds or music to quiet the head and lessen the outside noise.

Who knew that tripping UP the stairs in October and then tripping over things spread around my living room just before the holidays and my smacking my head into the wall would lead to all this.

Post concussion symptoms are real. Add a frozen/locked shoulder joint to it and not fun!

I know it could all be much worse, so I try to count my blessings, stay positive, optimistic, and grateful, but sometimes we just need to take 30 minutes and wallow!

** As an update: January 17th- met with a neurologist yesterday who suggested a cortisone shot in my head/neck for pain and a sleeping pill. I said no to both. I prefer other methods and treatments that are homeopathic and naturopathic oriented.

Referral and recommendation being shared with my GP- Family Doctor to a special program that is for TBI. After 3 months, here in Quebec, post concussion syndrome moves to the status of Traumatic Brain Injury.


6 thoughts on “Post Concussion Syndrome is No Joke…

  1. Joy Brewster says:

    It might be interesting to note that the author of these blog posts is not a credentialed social worker in the US or Canada. Does it not strike one as suspicious that she seems to have all the answers? A true professional only practices in his or her area of expertise. I have reached out to the regulating authorities in the states and asked them to investigate this matter. Those of us who are licensed are extremely cautious, practice within our areas of expertise, and carry malpractice insurance. Vikki, I am pretty sure you must remember those classes. As a professional, one needs to do their due diligence.

    And, any actual physician who graduated from a reputable medical university will tell you post-concussion syndrome is a bogus diagnosis which lines the pockets of the people writing the books. News flash- I have suffered several. Most recently, I sustained a concussion right before Christmas. I availed
    myself of the services of a neurologist. Somehow, I managed to go back to work.

    1. mswwrites says:

      Hmmm….returning to work when one has symptoms, driving a car when they should not, taking medication that could hinder oneself is not smart. I wonder if you made the right decision in returning to work so quickly after all those concussions? I am assuming your medical professionals approved your return to work each time?

      As for being a licensed social worker-I never said I was. I have clearly stated I have a Master of Social Work degree, 21 years of experience, and I used to be a certified therapist in the state of New York. One typically writes in their area of interest or work experience. Since I have experience in working with youth, families, adults, and older adults-that covers quite a bit!

  2. rginsberg2 says:

    You do stay very positive. And, Vikki, take all the time you need to “wallow”!!! You deserve that treat, too!! No shame in feeling sorry for yourself sometimes, really!!

    1. mswwrites says:

      I do not want to wallow. I am bored at home and would love to return to work p/t, but k ow too many symptoms to do so…I find it frustrating sometimes the food days followed by really bad days….

      1. concussedmom says:

        Totally legit symptoms- and yes, some days are better than others. When a good day comes, I tend to overdo it, and then the boomerang comes around and smacks me and I wind up in bed. Stay the course- are you also seeing a PMR doctor to help with concussion symptoms? I would also recommend researching Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Be well. Look forward to chatting with you, more, about writing.

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