Update on Me

Anyone who knows me or has followed my blog since it began at the end of September of 2018 knows I had a little mishap on October 12th of 2018. The Friday after my honeymoon weekend up north….

I tripped going UP the stairs in my home and crashed down with no chance to block the fall. My left shoulder first and then the left jaw and chin hit the hardwood stairs. My foot caught on a loose tread. This has since been fixed.

It has been a long almost 3 months recovering with a locked/frozen left shoulder joint and concussion.

I move from appointment to appointment; physiotherapy for the shoulder, osteopath for the head, massage for the rest of the achy muscles, and medical appointments.

I have focused on recovery, healing, doing the needed exercises for the shoulder and pushing myself a bit when it comes to the head. Expose myself to light, to noise and crowds along with reading and writing.

Shoulder has improved; mobility is probably 75% compared to the 50% I had initially. Most of the pain is gone unless I overdo it, sleep wrong, move it wrong.

Concussion symptoms have improved, but not enough to return to a normal work environment. Still light sensitivity, dizziness, nausea, headaches, sleep cycle; hmmm insomnia or sleep a few hours and that is it or sleep a few hours up a few hours and back to sleep.

Still ambient light setting on all screens and I can be on them for limited times or it hurts my head.

Also, last week while my parents were in town and my kids were here, there were also 2 small dogs here with my cat. Our upper duplex was a bit cramped. I tripped last Monday over stuff on the floor and kind of put my head into a wall; same side I fell on in October. I am sure that did not help things. My husband and some friends think I should either wear a helmet or bubble wrap myself👈🤭. Maybe it would help??

Through all of this I have remained optimistic, positive, and focused on gratitude. To me there is no other way to be.

For any volunteer or mutual projects, messages or emails I ask that you be patient with me. There are times I ‘unplug’ from social media and screens as I need to for a variety of reasons.

My return to work has been postponed until February.

🥂to an amazing 2019!!🥂👈👈 optimism and my gut feeling🤗


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  1. Rea L. Ginsberg says:

    We know you always do the best you can! Let optimism, positivity, and gratitude be some of your guiding principles. Patience is another. Compassion & empathy. The incredible value of community…that Village in which we are members. Self-awareness & insight. It’s all part of your package. Hold that thought and keep healing.

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