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Hi everyone! So two books down, a co-edited/co-authored one published with Xlibris in 2017, Journey’s End: Death, Dying, and the End of Life and a solo book published in December of 2018 on Amazon, The Upbringing that Encircles Me. Now, I have begun my next book which will focus on Youth, the Digital World, and the Consequences/Response needed.

I have already begun and created a very detailed outline for the book and I wrote a few pages yesterday. I have sought out professionals in the areas of mental health, psychology, social work, and other helping professions and have four individuals so far who will contribute chapters to this much needed book. One is a social worker, one a psychologist, one a parent who is very interested in this area and has many concerns regarding youth and suicide, and another individual who has experience in the mental health arena.

If you or someone else is interested in contributing a chapter and it can be from anywhere around the world, please reach out and contact me!

I am looking for this book to be comprehensive, relevant for many, to have resources, and referral information, statistics regarding bullying and youth, mental health issues and youth, and suicidal thoughts or attempts, along with stories from adults as parents, school professionals, and youth.

Youth would need parental permission to be included, but I am willing to publish any chapter anonymously if the person or the parents does not want their name or their child’s name in the book.

The digital world can be overwhelming to many adults and youth alike. For youth, no matter the age-they are dealing with issues that we as adults never had to deal with at the same age. Youth today text and message versus speaking by phone or face to face. Social media is huge and many choose to engage with individuals online there versus face to face.

Apps on the smartphone that look normal are not and some adults are posing as youth on them! Youth today spend way too much time indoors compared to my generation when we were the same age. We were outdoors playing and interacting with friends. We read books, played board games, created games, went bike riding, played sports, and more. If I dared complain to my parents I was bored, I knew they would find me a chore to do like, vacuum, sweep the wood shop, bring in wood for the stove, help with the laundry….you get the idea.

It is less safe today for youth to move around freely as there are more cars on the road, more buses, just more traffic in general. Especially if one lives in a city.

You all get the idea what the book will be about I hope. Youth and the consequences of too much digital time, especially if unsupervised.

If interested in participating in some way whether writing a chapter or contributing statistics for your country regarding bullying and youth, mental health issues and youth, suicide attempts by youth….please email me at:

**I would like this book published before Autumn 2019 as it is such an important topic! I also will be the individual creating the book as an eBook and soft cover on Amazon, creating the book covers, editing and working with the contributors who are writing chapters for the book, uploading the manuscript in both forms, BUT I will donate a percentage back to worthy agencies, foundations, causes in both the USA (where I was born) and Canada (where I live). Suicide Prevention, Digital World and Youth training, mental health are the areas I am thinking of.**

Should you wish to assist or be involved in any way, please contact me at:


6 thoughts on “Next Book: Digital World and Youth

  1. Katja Gersak Hernández says:

    Hi Vikki,

    What a great topic to write about!!:) I would love to participate in any way suitable for you!! If you are interested, please contact me:

    Sunny thoughts,

  2. rginsberg2 says:

    Big plans for your new year! Sounds like an excellent choice for the next book. Will be most interesting to see how it falls together! Good going, Vikki.

    1. mswwrites says:

      Thank you Rea! Inspiration struck! I am a member of a group of professionals interested in the topic and the idea popped into my head!

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