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I believe I was raised well with good, caring parents who taught me, showed me, and modeled for me the value of giving back whether financially or volunteering. This could be to the community, various causes, church (I grew up Catholic), helping a neighbor, a friend, a fellow family member.

My father has always given back in some capacity whether through Rotary Club, Elks Lodge with his time, with money, with goods or services.

I had good role models…I believe in the concept of: “Treat others as you yourself want to be treated.” I hope I have been modeling this behavior for my kids, my clients, my friends, and more.

I volunteer and donate my time, I donate good and services when I am able, and financially I do what I can.

I am currently a member of two online initiatives which I think are amazing! One is being an Ambassador for Random Acts of Kindness and the other is a new initiative I just joined: Cyber Parental Guardians (CPG).

Random Act focuses on raising awareness and spreading the message to others on social media the benefits to being kind, caring, compassionate individuals and doing random acts of kindness for others whether in person or online. There is a site where random acts of kindness can be shared and logged!

CPG is a group that wants to raise awareness and encourage in their local communities, online, and around the globe that youth today are overwhelmed with the Digital World. Many have become so engrossed in their smart phones, tablets/iPads, computers that they choose electronics over face to face.

Some youth are bullied both online (social media and online games) and in real life, meaning at school, in their local communities, etc. Training, awareness raising, workshops, and more are needed to educate both professionals and lay-people about the Digital World for youth-the dangers, how to recognize bullying and what to do about it if they see it online or in person.

Some youth at very young ages are making a choice to end their life because of being bullied. For one to choose suicide it means they felt they had no other option…

As a parent, we have the right to the PIN # or Passwords for our kid(s) accounts as we pay for the internet, the phone, the devices, and we need to talk to our kid(s) about what they do online-what games are they playing? What videos and shows are they watching. Invite your kid(s) friends over the house, volunteer at school if you can-best way to see what is really going on in your child’s life.

Nowadays, the benefit to social media and online groups, and the digital world at large is the ability to connect and collaborate with professionals from around the world!

LinkedIn and Facebook are great for this. The Digital World can be amazing and beneficial for many if used & accessed properly. We as adults need to model appropriate online behavior. That includes limiting the time we spend online. At dinner-no devices allowed at the table. Either sit in silence or talk to one another! “Unplugged” time is important. Relaxation time is important. Time spent together as a family is important playing cards, board games, outside activities…

If we want change to happen we have to “Be the Change!”



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