The Upbringing that Encircles Me: A Memoir

I wrote this book as part of my own healing process. I had unresolved things in my life that were affecting me, and for me, writing is my creative outlet, so I just wrote…….Pouring out your feelings frees your mind of them! Also, one needs to forgive, but not forget in order to move on in life.

Editing with some help from a work colleague who gave me great advice to tone down some parts and beef up other sections. One month of writing, taking breaks from it, editing, writing—a step back to process, and then the version that went to my editor.

What was most important to me, my kids are underage so nothing identifiable-meaning if you do not know me personally- you do not know who the people in the book are, and going forward, would my kids be okay with what was written within? So, nothing bad, no anger, a learning opportunity, and lessons to be shared are my goals with the book. Plus, if all I experienced can help one person through a difficult time and I had many, it was well worth it!

The book cover photo is mine taken up north of Montreal on my mini-honeymoon weekend, the week before I fell on my stairs actually…. the title was modified a few times until my co-author from Journey’s End– Julie Saeger Nierenberg changed a few words to this title. Then, Amy Martin without being asked, messages me with an enhanced version of my cover photo-she warmed up the colours without being asked. All win-win. The final cover looks amazing for the eBook version on Amazon.

I am still busy formatting the softcover version and have had difficulties with getting the correct formatted manuscript to upload to Amazon. I am doing it myself and successfully uploaded the eBook version. I can get the paperback version done too- just taking longer than expected!

I did create a book cover for the paperback version myself using KDP Cover Creator and I like the final result!

On a separate note, should I take it as a compliment to have found out the ex has come across the book I wrote?

This book is my version and my story; it is up to the author to decide what details and how much is shared. I take it as a huge compliment that he read it and perhaps some of his friends did? 😊

There is always more than one version to any story or event.

For anyone who reads it, feel free to share comments and thoughts-they are very welcome.

 Book Review 2 by Leonardo Tomas Cardillo

“I liked the book a lot, from the first to the last page. Every chapter is like a micro-book itself, and even when there is a logical chronological order among them, you can start reading the book from any chapter you want.

Each chapter corresponds to different stages in the life of the author, and as such, they overlap sometimes, although by no means being repetitive to the reader.

Even when the book is not a self-help one, you may use the many teachings the author has encountered in her journey, and that she brilliantly shares with us.

An easy-reading book, with sad tones at times, nostalgic ones at other times, but always deliciously optimistic, which you’ll want to read in one sitting.”


2 thoughts on “The Upbringing that Encircles Me: A Memoir

  1. rginsberg2 says:

    Right! When ex goes low, you go high! — Exciting process in publishing a book, isn’t it? Great!! Lots of growth, lots of new ideas, lots of help from your personal Village. 🙂

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