Continuation of: This is Us

If you have read my initial post about this Netflix series or the one I wrote about episode 5, than you know you should be watching this series.

If not, and you are only reading now about this amazing Netflix series; watch it!

Books have caught my attention and drawn me in, where before my fall I could spend hours reading. Now, my reading is more limited as is my movie or television watching.

The great thing with technology is the ambient light feature I can use on all my screens. After a concussion there are various symptoms and for me, one is light sensitivity. Eight weeks later and no blue lights, no bright lights, no sun…not without sunglasses that is.

This is Us is one of those series that drew me in from the moment I began watching it. I can get lost in an episode and that is a huge compliment to the creators, the director, the actors/actresses, and what I love about it, it is dealing with real life issues. Fertility issues, triplets, death, illness, love relationships, adoption, cancer, gay and bi-sexual relationships in older adults, surgery-the list goes on.

I have watched 3 episodes this morning because I got caught up in the storyline…my head and my eyes hurt, but totally worth it!

Watch and post comments please-it is that good of a series…


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