Episode 5: This is Us

So, I started watching this series on Netflix’s this week and I love it! This is Us is such a great show focusing on important and relevant topics and issues for today’s modern world.

I love that I can adjust the settings on my ‘screens’ so I can watch this show….because of my fall eight weeks ago; post-concussion I am still recovering and still affected by symptoms.

The series: Death, illness are two topic brought up in episode 5. One of the characters has left Hollywood to come to New York and do theatre work. He is babysitting his nieces and needs help practising his lines for rehearsal for the play which talks about the death of a spouse. His one niece is reading and stops to ask for clarification about ghosts and death.

The uncle uncomfortable with answering the questions and totally caught off guard, when he tries to answer, says everything wrong, and sends the girls off to bed.

The girls grandfather is there and has a chat with the uncle and so later in the show; the uncle shows his nieces his art work, what he painted after reading the script for the play and it depicted this wonderful image of togetherness, lots of colour, and that fact that we are all one; meaning as humans and it did not matter that their father had been adopted-they were still all family.

Have I gotten you interested in watching the series? My other goal in writing this post is loss and death. Many are uncomfortable to discuss the topic; it makes them sad, they are unsure what to say or do. Some think that by bringing up the word death-it is a negative thing.

This needs to change and this is why I write and plan to educate, train, and speak on the topic. To be born, we will die one day….unless you know something I do not-we will all die, we will all have friends, family, pets, patients, and clients die. So, we need to talk about it, support one another, plan for it, and answer questions when asked by youth age appropriately of course.


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  1. rginsberg2 says:

    Important topic, that conversation about death! Good to talk about it! One of my main themes in all essays…!! Not only talk but learn how to LISTEN!!

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