This is Us

I started watching this series on Netflix called This is Us. Wow-three episodes flew by and I wanted to continue watching it. What an amazing series!

If you have never seen an episode just watch the first one. I will be very surprised if you are not drawn in and continue.

It is rare that a show grabs my attention so much. The sitcoms I grew up with do not exist anymore. Reality television is not for me. I like shows and movies with meaning, with purpose, that discuss real issues, but not as a reality show. One that makes me feel like I am right there. Good movies and good books can do that; draw you in, make you forget time, and forget your own problems.

The cast is good, the issues relevant in todays modern world and touch on issues of adoption, second marriage, loss of a baby, adult child looking for and finding his birth father, to finding out one of the characters is seriously ill, and dating.

Take a look!


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