End 2018 with a Bang and Set Goals for 2019

The end of 2018 is upon us. Today,  is the 6th of December and there are 25 days left in this year.

Time to evaluate how 2018 went. What was a success? What needs more work? What went pretty well? Any mistakes or regrets? Anything you wished had gone differently?

Now, I believe whether positive or negative, everyone reading this post can find one thing/description for each of my questions. Pause, really think about the questions before answering them, and better yet, write down your answers so you can review them at a later date.

And, what are your goals for 2019?

For 2018:

What was a success? I am fortunate to have many things to list in this category:

  • I participated in a Local Author Salon regarding the book I co-authored with Julie Saeger Nierenberg in May 2018- Journey’s End: Death,Dying, and the End of Life.
  • I married for a 2nd (and last time) this year! I even got to wear my favorite colour for my dress-purple lace and handmade (not by me).
  • I wrote my 1st solo book: The Upbringing that Encircles Me: A Memoir (published on Amazon on December 10, 2018).
  • I joined #randomacts on LinkedIn as an Ambassador and have come across an amazing group of professionals who are like me and believe in kindness, gratitude, giving back to their community, ‘pay it forward’ and more.
  • I built and designed my own website on WordPress. Quite the learning curve for me, but it has been about 10 weeks since my site is up and running and it has changed so much during this time. I had some guidance on things like SEO, Google Adsense, design. I learned a lot and challenged myself-totally worth it!

-What needs more work?

  • Setting limits with others
  • Realizing that some people come across as super nice and helpful, but in reality are not like this in all aspects of their life. They present one way on social media, but in private conversations/messages-total opposite. I have come across a few professionals like this on social media this year-very disappointing. I believe all should be real and present as themselves always! We all have our moments of course.
  • Continue to focus on improving my financial situation. I am divorced 1.5 years, but it was a long divorce process and whatever money I had went into that process along with rebuilding a life for myself and my kids (moved out on my own with little).

– Any mistakes or regrets?

  • No. I believe all happens as it is meant to or for a specific reason that we are not always aware of until a later point in time.

– Anything you wished had gone differently?

  • Well, as some of you know from reading my blog or because you are in contact with me personally; I fell, okay I tripped, going UP the stairs in my home on October 12th of this year, hitting my left shoulder, left jaw, and chin. I have been recovering for almost 8 weeks as of the date of this post; concussion and frozen/locked left shoulder joint. It has been many appointments with various professionals and a long recovery process. Emergency Room visit, family doctor, naturopath, physiotherapy, osteopath, and massage therapist appointments/visits. Could things have gone differently, yes, but they did not. I believe this has been an important lesson and learning opportunity for me. Slow down, relax more, ask for help, learn to do things differently, but continue as much as I am able to focus on my goals.

Goals for 2019:

-Work on creating the second edition of Journey’s End: Death, Dying, and the End of Life which entails dividing it into two books with my co-author Julie Sager Nierenberg. The first edition is 558 pages long and quite a bit of information making it a VERY large book. Republish it in the winter of 2019.

-Create a website for my co-author and my books to be displayed/advertised together. We each have written solo books (Julie more than me). As I have experience with creating my own website on WordPress.com it makes sense. Why hire someone to do something I can do myself. The money can be better spent elsewhere.

– Self-publish the second book in the Journey’s End Series in the summer of 2019. This one will focus on death and dying from the perspectives of culture, religion, and ethnicity. Julie and I are hard at work on this!

-February 2019, launch my ‘Food for Thought’ Discussion group idea in Montreal. Think Death Café and make it so much more to include guest speakers, movies, video clips, book discussion group, sharing of resources, and include a support element-peer support.

-My last goal is to buy a house for my family instead of renting. We need more space, a garage, and we all want a hypoallergenic dog, and cannot have one where we are now. An upper duplex is not conducive to having a dog-not enough space and no fenced in yard. We fostered a dog this past fall for 1 week and my husband found out he is allergic! Plus, the dog, while we all loved her, had way too much energy for an upper duplex-she needed to run.

So, I have shared my 2018 with you and my goals for 2019. I do believe once we put a thought out there-it happens as we are more committed to making it happen. How about you?

How did your 2018 go and how do you want it to finish? What are your goals both personal and professional for 2019?


2 thoughts on “End 2018 with a Bang and Set Goals for 2019

    1. mswwrites says:

      Lots to think about Rea! I believe it is important to reflect on the current year and to see what worked, what did not, what could use improvement, and then to shift to the coming year. I have found it helps me and also once we put a thought out there-it becomes real!

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