Book Review 3 – The Upbringing that Encircles Me: A Memoir

I woke up this morning to my third book review from one of my colleagues and mentors on LinkedIn who is an author herself.

I have such gratitude to Alicia Nicole Waters. Her review was heartfelt and I am simply honoured and amazed that my book is resonating with all who have read it so far. The book will be live on Amazon next week!

I am very excited as this is my first solo book. The book will be available first as an eBook and soon after as a soft cover version.

“I was completely captivated from the first page to the last. This was one of the best stories that I had ever read. It felt like I was watching a movie that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. Each chapter made me feel extremely connected to the author’s journey and I could feel her passion for wanting to share this publication with the world. This was such a well-written masterpiece that was easy to read, perfect in length, and provided just the right balance of depth and details. This is a book that I will read over and over and would highly recommend it to others.”
~Alicia Nicole “WATERS” 
Industry Crossover Publisher of over 200 Books

2 thoughts on “Book Review 3 – The Upbringing that Encircles Me: A Memoir

  1. rginsberg2 says:

    Beautiful review. I’m sure of the accuracy, knowing your ways and writing style. — Your enthusiasm for Life is always contagious, Vikki! This reviewer caught it, too! NICE! 🙂

    1. mswwrites says:

      Yes- Alicia is amazing and an author herself! Having someone say they will reread my story and were captured from the first page is a huge compliment!

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