The Importance of Compliments

This post I came across on another WordPress blog, and it so resonated with me, I asked for permission to re-post it. Permission was granted, but to re-post anonymously. Happy to oblige.

“Has anyone important to you, so sincerely complemented you it brought tears to your eyes? Because it felt like an acknowledgement. It felt like recognition of your inner beauty and true intention – and someone saw YOU.

Someone whose opinion mattered. Have you ever been so deeply touched by a moment like that, that you could not keep from crying? It very much felt like you wept in gratitude for being seen as the light you truly are. That moment, that wash of emotion, that overwhelmingly full heart and the immense thankfulness, and even joy … that’s the feeling.

Remember it.

In case no one ever told you, let me tell you that YOU are wonderful. Every aspect of YOU is. Never let anyone make you feel like you are not or that you don’t belong. YOU were created to make a difference and to be loved.”

So, a few things-give out compliments to people you care about, but make sure they are sincere ones.

As the one to receive the compliment, take it in, absorb it, DO NOT deflect it-really allow yourself to accept the nourishment, the love, the caring behind what is stated.

As for the question above-I have received such a compliment from someone I consider to be a mentor of mine as an author. The compliment re: my upcoming soon-to-be released book  (next week) was so positive, full of praise, so heartfelt and encouraging that it made me tear up! Those are the best kinds. Would you agree?

Do you have an example of such a compliment you received that it almost made you cry or resonated so much with you?


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    1. mswwrites says:

      Thank you Rea, but I had a little help with this one from another WordPress blog writer who wanted to remain anonymous…

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