What Does your Garden Hold?

I came across this quote in a post on LinkedIn. It was part of someone’s answer/comment and it really stood out for me.

“Kindness, giving, and engaging can make great headway against hate. As we are planting our garden in this season we call life, let’s choose to plant seeds of love and peace…and then, let us nurture them.”

What thoughts, intentions, seeds will you plant in your garden?

I would add gratitude to the mix along with compassion, empathy, friendship, mentoring, collaboration, life long learning, personal and professional growth, and health.

I would want a garden that is colourful, vast, offers lots of choice whether vegetables, fruit or flowers…

You? What would your garden hold? How will you nurture it?


4 thoughts on “What Does your Garden Hold?

  1. Ankit says:

    My garden will hold people I know together.. it will hold different colours making each other win. There will be more people who will be adding to the pot, as compared to taking out.
    My garden will have a beautiful fragrance of people’s sharing and caring. 😊 Hope I will smile more often then.

  2. rginsberg2 says:

    So many seeds to plant! Yours will surely grow in your fertile garden! Community & self-awareness are such high priorities. Foundational to civil society.

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