Forever My Girl

Another amazing movie watched with many lessons shared within. Again, I am able to watch movies on my iPad with the ambient light setting for which I am very grateful.

Liam Page, character in the movie grew up in small town Louisiana and became a big country music star. He does not show for his own wedding and leaves long time girlfriend Josie dressed and waiting at the church along with the entire town.

Fast forward eight years later and Liam returns to his hometown as his best friend was tragically killed in a car accident. He returns to attend the funeral.

He has had no contact with anyone from his hometown since he left eight years ago… you can only imagine how initially unhappy everyone was to see him return.

In returning, he runs into his ex-fiancé and her daughter, and well it turns out he is a dad and never knew it. Josie found out she was pregnant a few weeks after the wedding fiasco and …..I am sure you get the idea.

So, here is this big country music star returning to ‘normal’ life in small town Louisiana trying to get to know his daughter, age seven, who is wiser than her years.

Quite by accident Liam finds out his daughter is a natural at music and I have to say I love her comebacks! She is smart, witty, practical, and safety oriented.

Basically, Liam grows up and finds his roots again. He cleans himself up meaning drugs and alcohol, begins writing again, and taking his father roll seriously. The movie also has elements that effect us all-death, forgiveness, new beginnings, and creativity.

So worth watching! And the ending…well I guess you will have to watch the movie yourself. 🙂


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