Neuroplasticity and your Brain

I continue to read the book Brain Save by Dr. Titus Chiu as a way to learn more about how to heal my brain. He discusses a term called post-concussion syndrome and neuroplasticity.

Do you understand what that word means? I personally am fascinated by the word and have read up quite a bit on the topic.

According to the book, ‘neuroplasticity is your brain’s way to physically change its shape, size, and structure based on each of our different experiences. When the structure of your brain changes, the function of your brain changes.’ That definition alone should grab your attention. It grabs mine.

Further, there is a term called: Experience-Dependant Neuroplasticity. This is where you get good at everything you have done in your life from learning to walk, to talking, riding a bicycle, playing an instrument and more.

Part of Dr. Chiu’s treatment with patients involves; eye movement therapies, balance training, non-invasive cranial nerve stimulation, vibration therapy, brain-boosting essential oils, light therapy, and more.

Since I am unable to go to the USA to see him or afford it, I bought his book instead off I have been following some of the advice he offers which includes taking herbs and supplements of ginkgo biloba, organic turmeric powder, cod liver oil as prescribed by my naturopath (orange flavoured), doing certain exercises for balance, and to retrain my brain and get the neurons firing up.

I have had two osteopath appointments so far as suggested by my naturopath to assist with my concussion and relieving the blockage in my head and neck caused by my fall.

For those that do not know or have not been following my blog posts, I tripped going UP my indoor stairs and had no chance to stop or block my fall. I had the sense to turn my body slightly so my shoulder hit first followed by my chin and left jaw.

Here it is seven weeks later, and I am still recovering, and have been off work all this time only returning the earliest mid-January.

My left shoulder joint is still locked with maybe 10% improvement in seven weeks, and my concussions symptoms are improving, but not gone yet. I still have light and sound sensitivity. No blue lights so screens are all set to the ambient, soothing light feature or I can not use or look at them. Sunglasses are a must if it is sunny or too bright out which includes snow reflecting light and bright lights in stores. Certain sounds irritate and hurt my head. Fatigue, sleep issues and insomnia, and then add the locked left shoulder joint to all this!

My life is very different right now and home the only place I can create the environment that works for me. This is why I am only going back to work mid-January the earliest.

Concussions are not just for vehicle, bicycle or motorcycle accident victims or athletes. One can fall down on the sidewalk and hit their head or slip on ice. I want to raise awareness as many could be walking around with post-concussion symptoms and not even know it.


3 thoughts on “Neuroplasticity and your Brain

  1. mswwrites says:

    Today, I will format the softcover version of my book and my goal, which was side-tracked a bit this week because of health issues, will go live; at least the eBook version! Softcover version to follow!

  2. mswwrites says:

    Rea, I take it all day by day as my symptoms seem to flow from day to day. Some have not left at all, but lessened, others come and go depending on the sleep cycle and what I have done all day.

  3. Rea L. Ginsberg says:

    Very interesting comments. Follow what seems to make sense to you and see what happens. If some pathway turns into a blind alley, stop immediately and try the next suggestion. Lots of experimenting left to do. — For everyone, life is a big & consuming experiment.

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