Journey’s End, 2nd edition…

Julie and I along with my PR & Digital Marketer and my editor all agree that Journey’s End: Death, Dying, and the End of Life will have a 2nd edition released where we will divide the book into two! It is so cool to use those titles; editor and PR & Digital Marketer. 🙂

At 558 pages, the length of it can be intimidating to some and it is a big book!

Since my memoir book was released as an eBook this is one of my next two projects; dividing the book into two sections. We will also update certain sections as legislation about assisted dying has changed and progressed along with the types of burials and funerals available to include green and natural burials.

Julie and I spent 2.5 years working on the original edition. We both wrote extensively in the book along with editing it. We each reached out and sought contributors and so the book has 54 contributors in total. It is an anthology because there are multiple writers from the USA, Canada, and Spain.

Julie and I paid for the publishing package and put our hearts and souls into this book and we believe so much in what the book holds inside…we have yet to make back our initial investment, but we wrote the book because of the topic. Money is secondary. What is disappointing, is that our publisher seems to get most of the profits, and to me this is not how it should be.

The book and it’s contents are ours. We will really self-publish this time, as we have ideas for other books. The money raised will be used for those books and each of our businesses which assists other writers, the general population, and those that truly can benefit from our services.

Thank you to Lyda Mclallen and Andrada Anitei! You both are incredible women and I enjoy working with you both.

Julie Saeger Nierenberg, it goes without saying how important you are to me as a friend, co-author, and colleague! We have created an amazing book with more to come…book 2 in the series comes out next Autumn 2019!


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