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I am fortunate to have two men in my life that love working with wood. My father has built furniture, toys, cutting boards, and used to make classic old-fashioned cars out of hardwoods along with more recently turning pens.

My husband does renovation work for a living, but his dream and what he loves the most is creating and building furniture. All of our bed frames, our kitchen table, my kids night stands along with various shelving units have been made by him in hard woods, birch or pine.

My writing inspiration is the desk my father made me for a wedding and birthday gift this year. It has all of my favorites woods, purple-heart, maple, walnut, redwood, and I think zebra wood. I have a pull out drawer for all my ‘stuff’ and a large working space.

It has a live edge on the drawer top, the front, and on the lip that is on the back of the desk. Live edge means bark from the tree.

The photo for this post shows this desk that my father spent months making for me and then finishing it. He brought it up the weekend before I married my husband…..

We all need inspiration and it can be whatever works for you. For me it is my desk, my mood, and I love music while I write. I am very eclectic in my selections; Ed Sheeran, U2, Adele, The Piano Guys, Pink, John Legend, Coldplay, 80’s music (my high school years), Norah Jones, Passenger, Rachel Pattern, classical music and Jazz. I also like Big Band and Blues music….. like I said eclectic  🙂

What is your inspiration? What routines or rituals do you have to write?


3 thoughts on “Writing Inspiration

  1. Monaminga says:

    We could be music buddies I like the same artists you do 😉 I have no peculiar routine for writing, I just go with the moment and the mood I’m in 😉

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