Not as Planned

Yesterday, I ran a few errands and early in the morning to avoid crowds, and going into a store with sunglasses works-I remove them part of the time to expose my eyes as I have been instructed to do by both my physiotherapist and osteopath. I put them back on as needed if the lights hurt either my eyes or my head too much.

Yesterday, I had an osteopath appointment, my 2nd. She really manipulated my neck and head this time, but finished it with a soothing heat pack for 10 minutes. They should make scarves that wrap your neck in heat in winter-I would definitely buy one!

I came home, spoke to the PR & Digital Marketer about my website and upcoming soon-to-be published book on the phone and then took a nap. Upon awakening from my nap, I thought it was the day after I fell. That is how dizzy and nauseous I felt and it lasted all afternoon, into the evening, and into this morning. It has lessened in intensity, but it is not fun at all. Ginger tea, mint tea and cookies help along with not moving my head too rapidly.

Message left for my osteopath who happens to be the owner of the clinic I am going to for both physiotherapy and osteo. I am hoping  this is a feel worse for a bit thing before I start to feel awesome! I can wish right? Perhaps 2 steps back, but soon to be 4 steps forward??

Today, I am also for the first time in 6 weeks, going to my work so I can be part of the Holiday Gift Exchange Party for the department I work in. No one will care that I arrive in sunglasses….I already bought a gift and I could use the socialization and seeing my colleagues. Some I have been in contact with through text messaging and Facebook messaging.

I have been told I need to challenge myself, expose myself to light and sound each day, use my left arm differently, but keep it moving, and I need to get my brain functioning more each day which means do things differently. I need to challenge myself a bit-hence the two videos I posted on LinkedIn to talk about my fall, to share what a concussion is like for an average person; meaning not an athlete or car accident victim.

I just want to get better and to re-renter the world without having to worry about lighting and noise levels or being bumped or pushed accidently on my left arm which causes pain.

What do you do to challenge yourself daily? What new things are you learning?


2 thoughts on “Not as Planned

  1. rginsberg2 says:

    Well, sometimes there really is a step backward before the swift move forward again. The backward step is always a worry: “Will I pull out of this or get stuck?” That’s natural and normal! Patience pays. Measure your progress by the day or several days, not by the minute / hour! You’ll see yourself more clearly that way, and what you see will please you.

    1. mswwrites says:

      Thanks Rea. Found ginger Gravol at the pharmacy which is helping…..leave for massage therapy shortly so that will relax me for sure!

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