Joy of the Holidays….

Yesterday, believe it or not; I experienced for the first time the Canadian Pacific (PC) holiday train in Montreal-West. It had dual purpose as my oldest was preforming holiday music for the pre-show before the train arrived with her school honour band.

But, I had never seen the whole ‘here comes the CP Holiday Train thing’ in person before… so worth it, concussion and frozen left shoulder joint or not.  🙂

The train with the holiday lights looked amazing! The fact that my oldest and her honour band were performing from school, again amazing; and I could walk the 5 blocks to see it. No driving and worrying about parking a car…..

I left before the end as the crowds were too much for me with my concussion and frozen left shoulder joint. Being bumped and pushed a few times was enough to send me home…..and my youngest also had enough. She was pushed and shoved a few time too!

It was the 20th year of the CP Holiday train and I had no idea…. I have lived in Montreal for 19 years now….hmmm…

The train looked amazing, the entertainment okay-as we are a city, I found  the country music angle surprising…..Montreal and country music do not exactly mix super well.

Loved the lights on the train cars and particularly loved the, ” She Shoots and She Scores’ on 2 of the train cars. One thinks of hockey and men. There are many girl and women hockey players   🙂



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