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As I have this ambient light feature on my iPad I was able to watch a movie this afternoon, and as American thanksgiving has passed it is Christmas movies for me…..

I grew up Catholic and so Christmas as a kid was magical. I loved the decorations, baking cookies, eggnog, decorating the tree, setting up the Christmas Village, and more.

When I converted to Judaism 19 years ago all that was left behind in my own home, but I still help my parents set-up for the holidays, although not this year since I was unable to travel for American Thanksgiving due to recovering from my fall just over 6 weeks ago.

The movie I watched “Coffee Shop” was about a small town coffee shop owner that  opened Donavan’s when she was 19 and here it is 10 years later. She is in financial difficulties and as the original bank sold to others, the new bank wants to force her out and sell the building.

She is very disappointed, but has no options. Her mother died, her sister does not have money to lend her and a father is not mentioned at all. What I liked about this coffee shop is the character in it-Donavan (female) went to Ethiopia and spent time there. She buys only coffee beans from Ethiopia and once a year does a fundraiser for the coffee bean growers and their families. The whole town supports her. This is the one time a year she plays piano and sings as well. She is wholesome, caring, matches the cup of coffee to the individual, and their mood. She makes a difference to the towns people and is admired by all.

She also happens to find love…..which makes the holiday season even more magical!

How do you make a difference? What special things do you do for others? How do you show care, kindness, and gratitude?

My daughter’s school is collecting new dry and non-perishable food items for a local food bank and collecting new toiletries, and toys as well. I made sure she went to school with a bag of food items and toiletries.

Today, I made my Canada Post delivery woman’s day. I gave her an early gift for the holiday season as she is so nice, is always delivering my packages/mail, and walks all day long no matter the weather. To me it is about the giving. Just seeing the surprised look on her face was worth it!

Last Friday, I went to the mechanic to get my winter tires put on my car as it is law here in Quebec. Winter tires must be on by December 15th or if caught a heavy fine. I brought a tin of butter cookies to share amongst the guys there. I became known as the cookie lady. I was happy to do something small to show my gratitude as they are changing tires all day long-not an easy job.

It is the small things, the thought that can make a difference to someone.

What will you do this holiday season to show gratitude to special people in your life?


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  1. rginsberg2 says:

    All about practicing kindness and compassion. Very nice one…!
    We say: “living means giving” — according to Jewish tradition. I use this frequently in my essays.

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