Black Friday: What does that word mean to you?

Is it just me who does not like the term Black Friday? I grew up in the good ‘ole USA and I used to work in retail for many years…..the crowds, the pushing, the long working hours, the unappreciative customers-it almost ruined the holidays for me.

When I left retail as an assistant manager of the Accessories Department, it was so I could go back to college, and I did working full-time between the Customer Service Department and the job I had on campus, along with taking a full course load, and I volunteered at a Domestic Violence Shelter.

Community college was awesome at that time-close to my parents house-affordable and it would be a stepping stone to the State University of New York university system. When you graduated with a 2 year degree from a community college, you, at the time-not sure about now, were guaranteed admittance to a university in the SUNY system in New York. I did my research and applied to a few and ended up at Plattsburgh State. Small town, nice area and 4 hours away from my hometown.

I felt unchallenged there and so left and transferred to the University at Albany-best decision! Huge campus, lots of choice, great area with Saratoga and Syracuse not that far away, and I loved Albany-the vibe of the city. I finished my undergrad there and was accepted into the MSW-Master of Social Work 2 year program. Again, best decision. I loved the program, I loved the professors, the small class sizes, and the mix of students who were of various ages and work experience.

I worked retail while doing my MSW degree so again I know what the holiday shopping experience was like…..

When I graduated and began my first ‘real’ job as a therapist with children and families I loved the 9-5 hours and although I worked one day of 11-7 did not mind. I was single at the time, but engaged to my first husband.

Just the term ‘Black Friday’ brings back all those memories which are a mix of good and not good.

I do not shop on this day or go online and shop. I will shop on Cyber Monday as just the phrase alone sounds better and more positive! I actually shop all year round as when I see something and I know it is meant for a specific person, I buy it and stash it away (where I will remember I have put it of course).

This year because of my fall and recovering from a concussion and frozen left shoulder, I have done 90% of my holiday shopping online. Nothing like pressing a few buttons and the items magically arrive at my door. The Canada Post delivery person and mail-lady know me quite well by now   🙂  But in all fairness, I have a hard time being out with lights, noise and crowds, and only expose myself as needed or in limited doses as I have been told to do.

What are your thoughts with the term ‘Black Friday?’ and as someone else commented in a post somewhere on social media-in USA, it is the day after American Thanksgiving. Stay home and enjoy time with friends and family instead of facing crowds and people pushing one another to get the best deal on a TV!!! I will personally pay a few dollars more just to avoid all that!


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