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When the book arrived I thought, “What a small and compact book.” I noted the relaxing beach and ocean scene on the cover. I love the ocean and often fall asleep to ocean sounds. My current insomnia is not because of stress or anxiety, but because of a concussion.

I started reading the book and every page resonated with me and my way of thinking…. It is rare that a book captures my interest so much from the very first page.

Luke has a way with words. He is honest, raw, and describes his own struggles with time management, anxiety, sleepless nights/insomnia, and difficulty in falling asleep.

I like the concept of breaking tasks down into 20 minute intervals. That is doable for most if they have the interest in doing it to begin with.

He talks about prioritization of time and the fact we all have the same amount of time in a day. It is our choices that dictate how we spend our time. The example Luke uses is, “I did not have time, I was busy…” When in fact that means we had other things that we thought were of higher priority or more importance.

I like the concept of, “I challenge you to think about time not as busy or available, but in terms of how you prioritize your units of time.”

The Core 20’s or activities are discussed and how you should experience your day.

The list is:

  • Meditation
  • Walking
  • Connecting
  • Reading
  • Writing

They are described as being the fundamental elements to experiencing a more focused life. Luke states, “If you don’t find value in experiencing these Core 20’s, it is unlikely that you will enjoy them, much less do them.”

Do I have your interest yet? I hope I do as it is a good book, compact, can be broken down easily into reading a chapter or two a day. For some that is important as if one does not read regularly a big, heavy, hundreds of pages book might deter you! This is a 206 page book and small pages remember, along with short chapters.

The back cover of the book describes it as: a mindset and requires mindfulness, confidence, and discipline. It is for work, home, for people in all stages of life & their careers. Along with the fact that the book is best used by in the hands of the people who are open to improvement, learning, and working on themselves.

The chapter of who to connect with and why: basically who are the 5 people who have a positive influence on your life. Think of this group as being your Board of Directors. I love that idea! Think in terms of people you can help, people who can help you, and people you care about.

Luke further describes that your Connect20 group will change from month to month or should.

What is your path? Your goals should align with activities and your time. What are your expectations for others? Your #live20 needs to be applied your work-life. It also discusses the days where it seems everything goes wrong and admit it, we all have those days. The car will not start, your kid gets sick, you spill your lunch all over your lap…the list goes on and on-how do you deal with this kind of day?

Perspective for me is will you become ill yourself or die if things go wrong? Most likely not. It is all about your mindset and perspective. Think positive, think it could always be worse.

I highly recommend this book. On a scale from 1-10 with 1 being the worst book and 10 being the best-in all honestly- this book is a 10! It is an easy read, easily understood, compact and concise, and can be read in small sections or chapters without overwhelming the reader.

Victoria Brewster, MSW;




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