My Favorite Books!

I know I am not the only avid reader out there. I have been reading books for entertainment since I was quite young. I often am reading 3 books at the same time as it depends on my mood what book I am reading.

This post is about my favorite books of all time and why.

Enjoy! and in return I would love to know your favorite books and why.

1- Attract What I Am: Transform Failure into an Orgasmically Joyful Life & Business by Melissa Dawn who is a local Montrealer BTW

Short book, love the cover, and the books message. Melissa like me has been divorced, raising a child, left a high paying job because she felt unsatisfied, and burnt out to start her own business. Now, I did not leave a high paying job and in fact I am at the same employer for 18 years as of December 1st, but I have felt burnt-out before. I am a trained social worker working as a case manager and group facilitator with older adults. Helping professions are known to cause one to feel burnt-out at some point without the proper self-care!

2- The One Thing that Changed EverythingLessons From– many authors within as it is an anthology, but focuses on the business world.

Great book, inspirational stories of successful entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.

My one complaint and I usually do not complain or state something negative about most books is the font chosen for the book. Too faint and hard to read. I am recovering from a concussion and the faint writing causes me to strain my eyes which leads to headaches. I have researched quite a bit the suggested fonts to use as I am about to publish my first solo book and whatever font they used is not listed! Could be the book I got, the printer was not working well that day-no clue.

Good information within, but I have to read it very slowly.

3- Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves

Amazing information within and some of it is a reminder for me. Love the test you can take to see which areas you might need to brush up on. Personally, I consider EQ to be more important that IQ. Being smart intellectually does not mean one is smart emotionally…

4- I just started reading #Live20: Experiencing a Focused Life by Luke Williams

Another small, but awesome book. A practical guide to time prioritization, building routines, and goal attainment.

Keep your eyes open for the book review I will write soon!

5- Journey’s End: Death, Dying, and the End of Life, Xlibris-July 2017.

Now, I co-authored and co-edited this over 500 page book and on a topic most do not want to think about, talk about or plan for, but guess what? Unless you know something I do not, we are all going to die one day…

So, one should talk about it, plan for it, think about it!

6- The Author’s Guide to Self-Publishing for Canadians by Barb Drozdowich

As a Canadian who is publishing her first solo book-I know little about the process so I need to learn how to self-publish. Great information in this book!

7- Create Space & Kindle Self-Publishing Masterclass by Rick Smith

I know the 2 have merged, but again this book has good information on how to self-publish as an Indie-author an eBook and a soft cover book. A definite learning curve for me, but I am up to the challenge! With a concussion though-everything happens at a slower pace…

8- Social-Media for Writers by Tee Morris& Pip Ballantine

Another book I purchased for my own learning curve on social media and how best to use it as a writer & author. Good content within.


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        Leonardo, I will let you know but first I have many books at home to read. I put your suggestion on my to buy list!😊

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