Life of Death…What???

I came across this video last year on Facebook and thought it was awesome as it is a wonderful representation of death; expected and unexpected. What?

Did you read that right?

A representation of death??

I do not like thinking about it, discussing it or planning for it….. Are these the thoughts going through your head?

Watch this and tell me which would you choose? Would you want to know or not?

The Life of Death is a touching hand drawn animation about the day Death fell in love with Life.

After being well received on various animation festivals, and being featured on the EYE film DVD of Selected Dutch Shorts, it is finally online!

I tear up every time I watch it; the ending that is. I think that is the ending we all want…

Do you agree?


4 thoughts on “Life of Death…What???

  1. rginsberg2 says:

    Surprising how it seems to stick in the mind. I’m still thinking about it, and that after only 1 watching. It’s sort of kaleidoscopic, multiple meanings, changing with just tiny adjustments. Each character has several (or more) parts to play, a little like a jigsaw puzzle. — So, in the sense that it makes me think, I like it a lot.

    1. mswwrites says:

      Loved it last year and still love it this year. Think it is a great way to get a discussion flowing and people thinking about death and dying.

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