Book Review: The Man, The Moon, and the Casquette

Wow! Is my first reaction and I will admit I teared up in a few places while reading this manuscript for the soon-to-be published book. Or I can blame my post concussion symptoms where a strong emotional reaction is a symptom 😊, I think I prefer that answer.

I was engrossed from page 1! Few books do that for me as I am an avid reader and since my concussion, I have found I cannot read for too long. I did have to read this book throughout the day and take breaks, but not because of the content, but because of my brain. I was drawn to it and knew it was there on my computer!!

Amazing and if I had a scale of 1-10 with 1 being not a very good book and 10 being an awesome book……I would put this book at a solid 10!

Andrada draws the reader in from the very first page and it continues throughout the entire book. That is a wonderful skill to have as a writer. Not many have it. It is original. It is uplifting and has such an important message throughout that totally resonates with me. It is the sign of a TRUE storyteller.

One must buy this book in whatever format it is available and as I have said before, I see Andrada’s book and my soon-to-be published book sitting side by side on a bookshelf with hers being fiction and mine being non-fiction. Very similar message that are positive and discuss how adversity can be overcome and make one positive and uplifting!

I also love that this book is about men, although women are discussed and characters in it as well. It is the journey of men who overcome amazing odds and turn into wonderful human-beings. If only the world was filled with individuals like this; male and female. Imagine the world we would live in vs. what it is.

Some of the quotes from the book that truly resonate with me…

“Mother, but how do we differentiate true people from the shallow ones?” the young man asked.

“My son, it’s not your job to judge them. Your endeavor should be to understand them. So, every time you feel that someone treats you bad, talk to them. Learn the story behind the behavior. Everybody has a story. And some are very sad. Let’s take the ones that constantly treat others poorly. More often than not, their past has been one full of hurt. Maybe they were abused (either physically or emotionally) but nobody asks them. Nobody cares for their pain. As such, in time, they learn to adapt and choose to hide behind wickedness. But nobody is born like this. They have been repeatedly hit and they were never taught that life can be beautiful. All they learned was hurt, bruises and despair. These people, who some name as bullies, are in fact looking for protection. They are looking for someone to open up to, but they’re afraid of being misinterpreted. It takes time to make one of these people trust you. But with patience and compassion, they will eventually open up and shed all their pain into your palms.”

“Starting today, I can finally see with open eyes. Starting today, my ears will open even more and my heart will allow warmth to take over. Starting today, I will be the heir you and your father envisioned. And starting today, I will seek for those stories behind misery and share the lessons with the world. Starting today, mother, I am a new man!”

“Though they didn’t agree, they were like alumni listening to their teacher. She was teaching them another valuable lesson – she was passing along the lesson of unlimited gratitude and the power of treating all of them equally. She was teaching them that each and every soul deserved respect and that none of them was more important than the other. In her eyes, they were all still her children and they were all worthy of her love.”

“Honor yourself and honor people; be kind to everyone and you shall have a blessed life”

“Never take people for granted and never gather numbers, my dears. Gather memories and build solid relationships. No-one leaves this planet with anything in their hands, you leave all material assets here. You only take one suitcase with you: the one you carry in your heart, made of lessons and memories.”

Victoria Brewster, MSW, Author, Editor, and Book Reviewer-


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