Book Review 2: The Upbringing that Encircles Me: a Memoir

When I posted I was seeking more book reviews of my soon-to-be published book, one of the #spn  (Service Professionals Network) I am part of offered to try it. I am all about learning something or trying something new within reason so I said okay.


Book Review 2 by Leonardo Tomas Cardillo


I liked the book a lot, from the first to the last page. Every chapter is like a micro-book itself, and even when there is a logical chronological order among them, you can start reading the book from any chapter you want.

Each chapter corresponds to different stages in the life of the author, and as such, they overlap sometimes, although by no means being repetitive to the reader.

Even when the book is not a self-help one, you may use the many teachings the author has encountered in her journey, and that she brilliantly shares with us.

An easy-reading book, with sad tones at times, nostalgic ones at other times, but always deliciously optimistic, which you’ll want to read in one sitting.


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