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Each day I feel a bit better; the concussion symptoms are improving. I sleep better, but still awaken 1-2 times during the night. I am typically asleep by 8-9, up by 2-3 a.m. and then back to bed for a bit. Often I need a 30 minute nap in the early afternoon as fatigue just takes over.

If I awaken during the night, I typically awaken groggy, fuzzy, slight headache, and dizzy. It last 15 minutes to 30 minutes, but then passes. I make myself a cup of coffee and head off to my laptop (setting on ambient light feature), go on social media for a bit, read or write. All of this I do in spurts depending on my energy levels.

Each day I can read longer and write longer. This is a gift to me…I go out a bit each day or at least sit by the window to expose myself to light. I find I am more comfortable now on a cloudy, rainy day then a sunny day. I LOVE natural light-normally, but since the fall, I prefer the overcast days as it is not so bright outside. If the sun is shining or I am in bright lights inside, I squint and go for the sunglasses. Of course the rain or the change in weather means my shoulder aches in the joint where it is frozen. That just adds to the pain that is already there. Heat, Motrin or Naproxen, and relax until the pain subsides a bit.

Today, I submitted my book review for my editor. Role reversal as she wrote me a book review last week as a bonus! I initially hired her to edit my soon-to-be published book, The Upbringing that Encircles Me: a Memoir. As a writer it is important to have someone else edit your manuscript for the final version. No matter how many times you read, edit, and reread-you will miss something!

I love writing and writing brings me comfort, and I think I am pretty good at it, actually I KNOW I am good at it. What started as poetry and short stories when I was a tween-teen, progressed to articles, my first blog in 2012 and now this site.

In between all that, I co-authored and edited a book with Julie Sager Nierenberg; Journey’s End: Death, Dying, and the End of Life, Xlibris 2017. Yes I know it is such a light and uplifting topic   🙂  It is a necessary topic. We will all die one day unless you know something I do not. 2.5 years in the making; 54 contributors of which Julie and I are two….52 other professionals and individuals. Not many books can say that.

Life has a way of just coming together, like the stars aligning. Put out good vibes and thoughts and I find I get that in return. One of my colleagues texted me to say she thought I was handling the fall and everything that came after it pretty well. Do I have a choice? Okay, I have two really-deal with it and move on or wallow. I choose deal with it and move on! Lesson learnt, see the good or positive in all. I truly do feel like the stars are aligning as people, new connections, positive, healing messages, inspirational quotes and rare and unique opportunities are crossing my path. Of course you have to be willing to let all this in and just go with the flow; which I am.


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