When we Feel Alone in our Grief…

I would be careful with laying blame or accusing people of not being there to support you in your mourning, your grief, your bereavement. Why?

Society dictates this response as overall society ignores death. No discussions, no education about the topic. No checklist to have or review…. If people do not text or call me, I call or text them. I ASK for help-not easy to do, but sometimes you have to.

Maybe this is why my mission is to change society and its views and thoughts about death and dying. I want convos flowing, I want educational opportunities on the topic and I am making this happen here in Montreal, Canada! January 2019- ‘Food for Thought’ Discussion group starting in the heart of Monkland Village……think Death Café and go BIGGER!!!

Guest speakers, education, movies, video clips, book discussions, resources, and referrals related to the topic, peer support, and naturally snacks and beverages and maybe even a potluck dinner!

I am combining my education as a social worker with my mission. Win-Win, right? spn mswwrites linkedin awarenessraisingeol journeysend deathcafe death dying endoflife


4 thoughts on “When we Feel Alone in our Grief…

  1. mswwrites says:

    Thank you! Think Death Cafe and way bigger! As a social worker I have the skills… launching in January 2019!!

  2. bereavedandbeingasingleparent says:

    This is such a good idea. In the UK the support is very sporadic and not that helpful. You get given some fairly unfriendly help leaflets (if your lucky) from the banks. If you use a hospice they can be very helpful and will talk. But the general theme is forget about grieving get the death registered, then just get on with it.

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