Overcoming Adversity

I have found that my fall while traumatic, has helped me in so many ways. I was forced to slow down, recover, and heal, but I find things I did not get before like tech things- I get now! Did the fall change my brain? I seriously wonder and have read up on the brain. I hit the left side of my face and the left side of my brain controls the right side of my body.

This website, I created it myself with guidance and suggestions from a few professionals. They would make comments and give me homework and I would follow-through and the cycle continued until today. I also was fortunate to come across a WordPress tech guy on Facebook who if I asked very specific questions would provide me with the necessary info to do. I watched the videos, read up on it, and yesterday managed to add SEO to my website, ads to draw in some extra $ which is always a good thing, and I condensed the menu, so it went from 14 to 7 items. I created sub-folders. 🙂 When my hopefully soon-to-be Publicist and Digital Brand Marketer (based in BC, Canada) suggested this last week, I told her give me some time and I will do it. Done!!! Best feeling to do it myself and save the money I would have paid someone else. I can think of many others thing to spend my hard earned money on. Like, I have to change the tires on my car soon for winter as it is a law here in Quebec. By December 15th your car must have snow tires or a very expensive ticket.

Before my fall I was lost and technology and me do not mix. My husband teases me about this, but now I can prove him wrong! I can learn still….And that is what life is about right?

If things happen for a reason, the fall was not a bad thing. I learn and process things differently, but my ‘business’ in the 2 months since I started my website has soared on social media! I am gaining exposure for my writing, my group idea, for my book reviews. The book being published this month will help me financially- difficult 3.5 years since I left the ex…. finally my life is coming together and unknowingly many individuals on social media have been a part of that process. I am very grateful! Many people in #SPN have been a part of the process….🙏

At home I can control my environment where at work I cannot. My concussion symptoms are improving daily, but I am not recovered yet. Still light sensitive, noise sensitive, and crowd sensitive. Bright lights and sun requires sunglasses! My sleep is improving, but not the best yet. I still wake up around 2-2:30 a.m. and am up a few hours and then go back to sleep.

My frozen shoulder-slight improvement. I drive one handed, close the car door with my right hand, cannot lift things or raise it more than 45% upwards….A lot of things are limited which forces me to slow down and relearn.

I see my physiotherapist tomorrow and my family doctor on Wednesday. What will they both say? Return to work part-time, half-days or I have a long way to go yet. After this week I have another 3 sick days to use, a personal day, and some vacation time, and then it is EI which will limit me financially….always have to keep that in mind. 55% max of my salary and I work 4 days a week-are taxes less? Will I be able to pay my bills?

But my work has also said do not come back unless ready and approved by a doctor. I do not feel ready. The fact that I can only drive with one arm for the most part is not a good thing with winter right around the corner. The light sensitivity means my laptop and phone are set to a warmer, ambient setting-I cannot take blue light yet and all computers, lights that are not the soft/warm kind are blue light. Hurts my head and my eyes.

My physiotherapist is the very same individual I had 4 years ago when I injured my right shoulder except that shoulder when I met with him initially had 5% mobility. My left shoulder currently has 40-45% mobility depending on the day. Outward flexion or rotation as it is called was 7% when I saw him 2 weeks ago…..so, not very good. What will he say tomorrow…


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