Reflection and the Need for it…

Every one of us whether hugely successful or not needs to reflect. You can be a multi-millionaire or make 45k a year, makes no difference the amount.

The point is reflection is needed in order to see how far you have come and how far you will go…

The image for this post talks about ‘the pause’ which means besides reflection we need to pause and think, evaluate, just take a break! ‘Unplug’ from electronics and enjoy time with friends and family, exercise, take a bath, go to a spa (on my to do list).

We cannot fully function in life if we are always running through it.

If anything. the fall I had a month ago has shown me this message. Relax, recover, heal at the rate you heal. Do not push it.

At times the slow rate of recovery/healing is too slow for me. I have a million things in my head, a mental to-do list. With a concussion there is only so much I can physically and mentally do. Screen time reduced, ambient soothing lite setting. A book to format as both an eBook and a softcover and put on amazon, another book to start, a website to build, another book to divide into 2 and republish, a stack of books to read and write book reviews for, and the list goes on….Plus, I am a wife, mom, friend, and normally work 4 days a week as a case manager and group facilitator.

So, I can work on all in spurts, my new reality. I am forced to slow down. A lesson being learned the hard way.

If things happen for a reason than the lesson here is to slow down and accept the new reality, right?

Reflection and pause…


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