Concussion Recovery: Day 26.5-27

Another day gone by…so much for thinking I was on the mend or feeling better.

By 6 pm I was so tired, but I pushed it off until 7:30 and I was in my recliner and fast asleep. I woke at 8:30, soon back asleep and I awoke at 10, soon back asleep until I awoke just before midnight dizzy and nauseous, pulse racing a bit and groggy/ fuzzy.

So not a good feeling. And let’s not forget the aching shoulder. I awoke in pain as well. The magic bag as it is called, a reheat-able bag feels awesome once on the shoulder and soothes the aching muscles and shoulder joint. I feel like I am reliving my frozen shoulder from my right side, just not as bad.

I went to the kitchen to make a coffee for the headache, to grab a croissant as I thought perhaps food would help with the nausea and I splashed water on my face. 12:45 am and feeling better…

Dinner was awesome as we ordered sushi for my daughters birthday celebration and had cheese danish for dessert. She was happy, we all ate well so, win-win. 😎

We might go up north for part of the weekend depending on how I feel as a change of scenery is always good and the view, the fresh air, being near a spring fed lake even in November, will nurture me.

Nothing like waking up to find this in your messages:

A shout out on LinkedIn and a book review about my soon to be released book later this month on Amazon.🤗💗


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