Concussion Recovery: Day 25.5-26

Getting closer to the 4 week mark….four weeks since I fell UP my stairs that is.

Shoulder, finally a tiny bit of improvement since my doctor has prescribed Naproxen vs. the Motrin I was taking before. I was finally able to do 1 of my physio exercises today. 👍

I went to the bank and grocery store before picking up my daughter from school and for the first time, the lights at the grocery store were not as bright… not because they changed their bulbs or had their lights dimmed, but because my brain is finally healing…

I was able to talk on the phone today and speak to one of my friends who had no clue about my fall. I was resting and recovering for the past 3 weeks and phones were off limit for me. She will come visit me on Thursday and I get some socialization in which I have not done much of. I have not felt up to it.

I created two FYI Smartlists today to focus on Canadian Authors, of which I am one😊 and Canadian Artisans; my favorites on Etsy. If you do not know what Etsy is; it is a website that focuses on handmade items and I love handmade.

Slowly, I can feel myself healing. Sometimes it feels too slow, other times it feels just right.😎

I fell asleep at 8 pm tonight and was up at 10; now it is 11:30 and I am still awake… this is when the creativity flows though…

Back to sleep at midnight until 2:30 am…up and wide awake!

Today, my youngest turns twelve… where has the time gone? She begins high school next year while the oldest next year will finish high school and be thinking about college…

Time goes so quickly…

In being off work almost a month now; I can tell you time has moved slowly. My life moves at a much slower pace. My cat keeps me company and she and I have this awesome view of a park outside the living room window. We people watch, dog watch as there is a dog park at the end of the street, and we have witnessed the large maple tree outside shed its 🍁.


One thought on “Concussion Recovery: Day 25.5-26

  1. rginsberg2 says:

    Great news! You are beginning to feel more like your old self again, healthy and ready for the World! Hold that thought. It’s happening right before your eyes!! 🙂

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