Concussion Recovery: Day 22.5-23

So, we brought the foster dog back to the SPCA, she was too energetic for an upper duplex. She needs to be able to run and burn off energy, but according to the SPCA contract that is not allowed. No dog parks, no socializing with other dogs.

She pulls and needs constant supervision due to her anxiety. She went into my purse and pulled out a pen. She chewed it up except for the ink thankfully!

Living in the upper duplex she was too loud and disturbed the neighbors below. A pit bull/terrier mix needs a fenced in yard and lots of playtime without having to worry about making noise.

So, we will wait and keep looking for a hypoallergenic dog as my husband’s allergies kicked in big time.

I found a site where the owners have raised for 15 years golden doodles-mini size so they are like a small poodle. My daughter very much wants one.

Landlord below nixed the idea as the foster dog made too much noise….

As we want to buy a place eventually we will have to wait for a dog and in the meantime there is Dixie the cat who is happy to have her home back again!😺

As for post concussion symptoms, after returning the dog we went for lunch at IKEA and to pick up a few holiday gifts. I lasted an hour or so. Way to bright in the store and I had left my sunglasses home….too many people, too much noise, and stimulation for me.

Happy to be home in a more controlled environment. 😎

Still ambient light setting on my phone and laptop. Still shades😎 outside, in bright stores, and the sun…


2 thoughts on “Concussion Recovery: Day 22.5-23

  1. rginsberg2 says:

    Sorry about the dog! You will find one eventually, one that isn’t so demanding and won’t bother David’s allergies. For now, cats sound like the perfect answer to your family’s need for pets. Does the next one have to be a DOG? What about a charming kitten instead??

    Sounds like you are still a little symptomatic, so just be careful, know your limits, don’t push against them. and keep healing!

    All the best, Vikki. Patience…… 🙂

    1. mswwrites says:

      We want a dog; must be a hypoallergenic one and we all like and agree in. Golden Doodle either big size or mini is good. Not yet, maybe in the spring as the landlord changed his mind and nixed a dog after saying yes last week….

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