Concussion Recovery: 21.5-22

3 weeks since my fall…. concussion symptoms better except for light sensitivity and mild headaches. Still no to large crowds or tons of noise. Concentration and memory still needs work along with the shoulder injury.

Doctor says to switch from Motrin to Naproxen as it is longer lasting for pain so can do physiotherapy…I seem healthy otherwise. Lots of blood tests ordered as my family on both sides has a history of strokes, diabetes, cancer, and high blood pressure. Cholesterol levels to be checked too!

Orthopaedic consult on hold to see if naproxen helps enough to focus on physio…

He knows as I told him no meds unless required or I will die without them. I believe in homeopathy and naturopathy over western medicine. He understood. He was very happy to know I was flexible. Modern western medicine seems to target my shoulder pain the best.

When it comes to fostering the dog, unfortunately, we cannot keep her. Too high energy for an upper duplex and after a week she has worn me out. I am physically and emotionally exhausted. My husbands allergies have kicked in full force; he realizes he needs a hypoallergenic dog.

We gave her a good home for a week with love, discipline, and training, but she needs a fenced in yard and the ability to run and roam free.


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